About me


Johannes Hulsch is a 25 years old self-taught photographer based in Leipzig, Germany. Grownup in a rural part eastern Germany he discovered his passion being for outdoors. This wanderlust he share with his audience on social media almost daily. The past years he traveled around the world and got a good eye for unique perspectives and stories that were need to tell, like become more environmentally aware while traveling and look around your local offers.


What I love and could offer you


A wise man once said: A picture can tell more than thousand words. Johannes Hulsch can help your brand standing out with powerful images that tell a story you want to spread with your audience. It doesn’t matter if you are a well-situated high-class car manufacture or a small independent clothing brand. Johannes Hulsch will develop a concept and find the best locations that let your pictures stand out from the others.



With a professional video you could transport emotions and sending your message to the audience you want to reach out. Johannes Hulsch offers you a full-service Videography package to bring your next video in a new level. From the original planning to post processing, your plans will be in the hands of a skilled team with a vision in their mind


Social Media

You want to learn from over 5 years practical knowledge on different platforms, don’t wait to get in touch with the social media expert Johannes Hulsch. He will help you to establish your brand in the fast living world of the internet and find strategies to connect you with your future customers.

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Hard Facts
558 k Follower
80 k Average Reach
20 k Weekly profile visits
13,9 k Average Likes

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